7 Amazing INVENTIONS You NEED To See 2019 #5

7 Amazing INVENTIONS You NEED To See 2019 #5.. Cool Inventions, Amazing Gadgets

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Today we are presenting you with 7 new futuristic Tech & Gadgets that are coming to market. These new innovations are paving the way and trending up a storm of anticipation!

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Link to all the products in this video :-

Hot Pocket: http://kck.st/2JGxfZb
Instant Heat When (and Where) You Need it Most! Introducing the first ever adventure pack that warms you AND your gear!

Rain Straw: http://kck.st/2EGHyqm
The Reusable Slide-Apart Straw for Easy Cleaning, Revolutionary slide-a-part straw that gives you complete inside access for quick, easy, and thorough cleaning.

SSD Chair: http://kck.st/2Oleyct
the perfect chair for everyday life! The SSD chair is SIMPLE, STRONG and DURABLE. Easy-to-assemble, long-lasting and made with sustainable high-quality materials.

Multiwavelength UV Flashlight: http://kck.st/2Eqqs0a
for Travelers & Photographers, ReveaLED is the world’s first multiwavelength UV light especially designed for travelers & photographers.

KupperMounts: http://kck.st/2Teiz8j
Safety-Tested, Bike Racks for Cars/SUVs/Trucks, Kupper Mounts vacuum-powered, suction cup bike racks are the safest, most-affordable, easiest -to-install bike carriers in the world!!!

Mutrics: http://kck.st/2WfYE5S
Stylish Smart Sunglasses with Surround Sound, 6-hr Play Time | Open-Ear Audio | Bluetooth 5.0 | One Click Control | Adaptable Frame | Replaceable Lens

The Luma Bottle: http://kck.st/2UawTPr
A Self-Cleaning Reusable Water Bottle, A reusable water bottle that harnesses the power of digital UV-C light to kill 99.999% of bacteria in your water and bottle.

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