10 Cool GADGETS You Never Seen Nothing Like This 2019

10 Cool GADGETS You Never Seen Nothing Like This 2019

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Today we are presenting you with 7 new futuristic Tech & Gadgets that are coming to market. These new innovations are paving the way and trending up a storm of anticipation!

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Link to all the products in this video :-

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R https://goo.gl/MkVZiE
Lifestyle with Rollable OLED TV

Lovot https://goo.gl/Fv46qh
When you touch your LOVOT, embrace it, even just watch it, you’ll find yourself relaxing, feeling better. It’s a little like feeling love toward another person.

LavvieBot https://goo.gl/3uo6Sd
PurrSong LavvieBot – The Smartest Automatic Litter Box.La vie with LavvieBot.

Samsung Space Monitor https://goo.gl/cdtAWz
Samsung introduces a new innovative monitor called Space Monitor that enhances work efficiency by providing more desk space. When you are not using Samsung Space Monitor on the desk, revert to store flat against the wall to boost productivity and reclaim your desktop. Minimalized stand design reduces dead space occupied by existing monitors by 93% and increases desk space by 40%.

AVA Byte Garden https://igg.me/at/avabyte/x | https://goo.gl/BEmZbV
Smart, Simple, Sustainable Indoor Garden, Grow Healthy, Delicious Produce 3x Faster with Automatic Watering, Lighting, & Soil-Free Seeded Pods

OrCam MyMe http://kck.st/2UCn8Gl | https://goo.gl/LmXHg9
AI for Humans, A wearable AI device that helps you get to know yourself better.

Y-Brush https://igg.me/at/y-brush/x
The 10-Second Deep Cleaning Toothbrush with Nylon bristles

Embr Wave https://goo.gl/bd8Bkr
This personal thermostat cools you down or heats you up on-demand. Your personal thermostat.
Warm up. Cool down.

Glance Clock https://goo.gl/LMd6St
Glance. See what you need, when you need it. A smart clock that automagically shows you the right information at the right moment

Pepe Pet Dryer https://goo.gl/SukJjs
Pepe Pet Dryer is a Relaxing Sauna for Your Furry Companion

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